About Us

CAJA provides a collection of modern furniture using natural wood - the best Block boards in Egypt and Middle East “Goodwood block boards”.

Our Vision: 
Our vision is to deliver premium quality furniture to the Egyptian market by becoming the first company to provide 100% Egyptian furniture made of block boards with international standards.

Our Mission: Our mission is to bring a new direction to the furniture industry. We offer our customers the perfect mix of modern designs ,premium quality and reasonable prices. In addition to improving their purchasing journey by using the latest user-friendly technologies and channels

Our Story:

At Caja, our goal is to provide our customers with the perfect combination of luxurious designs, high quality material and reasonable prices. 

We are the first brand to provide 100% Egyptian furniture with international standards.The material we use, the designs we create and the Italian technology we use are of unmatched quality. 

Caja uses Good Wood block boards exclusively, hence our furniture is against heat, scratching, water and humidity and bacteria.

We provide you with bedrooms, kitchens, vanities, TV units and wall cladding for a luxurious contemporary home. 

Our journey started in 1988 with Good Wood, the largest block board manufacturer in the Middle East. 

The everlasting search for the latest technologies allowed Good Wood to grow and own factories at Damietta, Sadat, Morocco and even Lebanon, along with a working manpower of 690 employees. 

With the FSC, Proudly made in Egypt, ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates, Good Wood was able to obtain the ultimate trust of its customers and decided to venture into the furniture world, providing its customers with the best block board quality and using its accumulated expertise in the market to provide high end designs.

Hence, Caja By Good Wood was born.

At Caja, we dedicate the newest technologies at our factory along with a manpower of 250 employees to manufacture our own designs in addition to customized designs for our clients. 

We aim to bring you modern, contemporary and durable furniture.